CNC & Technical Sharpening

OVS offers technical knife sharpening services for industrial manufactures and virtually any business who does repetitive cutting. Our sharpened knives are the benchmark for quality and designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free performance.

We regrind and resharpen a variety of knives including, granulator knives, extrusion knives, paper guillotine knives, sheeter knives, chipper knives, shear knives and ice resurfacing blades.

  • Most advanced sharpening technology on market.
  • Ultra-smooth surface finish, reduces blade friction.
  • Most precise tolerance, ensures a straight cut.
  • Duel flood coolant system, eliminates overheating.
  • Longer blade life, reduces cost per cut.
  • Razor sharp cutting edge.
  • Minimal Material Removed.
  • No Burr.

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