OVS offers technical knife sharpening services for industrial manufactures and virtually any business who does repetitive cutting. Our sharpened knives are the benchmark for quality and designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free performance.


Knife Sharpening

We regrind and resharpen a variety of knives including, granulator knives, extrusion knives, paper guillotine knives, sheeter knives, wood chipper knives, shear knives and ice resurfacing blades.


Flood Coolant system, eliminates overheating.

Minimal material removed.

Ultra-smooth finish, reduces blade friction.

Most advanced sharpening tech on the market.

Precise tolerances, ensure a straight cut.

No burr, razor sharp cutting edge.

Longer blade life, reduces cost per cut.

Knife Sharpening for industry.


We offer the best knife sharpening service using our advanced technology and dedication to details. Backed up with over 50 years experience in the machine knife and blade market, you can rest assure you blades will come back to you ready for the next cutting cycle. 




Metal Cutting Shear Blades

We sharpen blades for the metal industry including metal processors, recycling plants and manufactures by regrinding hardened metal cutting knives. We support a variety of equipment including cinnicnati, geka, sierra, alamo, herr-voss, niagara, lodge & shipley, accurpress and custom equipment is never a problem. Our sharpening service includes shear blades, scrap chopper blades, knives for iron workers and more. De-magnetizing is also included. 

Paper Guillotine & Carbide Knives

The Paper and printing industry relies on OVS for guillotine, sheeter, trimmer and slitter knife sharpening. We support a variety of equipment including challenge, polar, heidelberg, muller-martini and many others. Many commercial printers send carbide knives for sharpening. Our advanced grinding machinery triple grinds and finishes the carbide knives to a mirror finish. 

Granulator & Plastics Industry Knives

We are experts sharpening plastics and rubber industry knives, helping to service some of the world’s largest size reduction processors and tire recyclers, our knives are designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free performance for the plastics and recycling industries. 

OVS Knife sharpening delivers consistent, trouble-free performance. Recycling and size reduction industries are always looking for methods or products that can help reduce energy. Our sharp blades create this change in the simplest of ways - meaning less down-time, greater profitability and the kind of quality that makes for truly inspired productions. Furthermore helping to save the environment, one blade at a time.

General Industry Sharpening

For over a decade, OVS Knife Co. has offered industrial knife solutions to leading manufacturers in the paper, plastics, recycling, printing, metal industries and wood processing. The industrial knife cutting and sharpening services we provide our clients show dependable results- every time. From our custom knife cutting solutions, scissor sharpening, and our effortless pick up and delivery services, OVS is committed to get the job done - Period. At OVS, we offer the industrial solutions that matter