• Angled shear blades
      • Bar shear blades
      • Bowtie shear blades
      • Guillotine shear blades
      • Hot shearing blades
      • Scrap chopping shear blades
      • Flat shear blades
      • Flying shear blades
      • Up to four cutting edges
      • Custom made, build-to-print


      • Accurpress/Accurshear
      • Adira
      • Allsteal
      • Amada
      • Atlantic/Haco
      • Betenbender
      • Century
      • Cincinnati
      • Cleveland Crane
      • Di-Acro/Elga
      • Dreis & Krump
      • Engel Industries
      • Famco
      • HTC
      • Henry Corp
      • Herr-Voss
      • Hydrapower/Rockwell
      • LVD
      • Lodge & Shipley
      • National Sheet Metal
      • Niagara
      • Pacific
      • Piranha
      • Powermatic
      • Pullmax
      • Roper Whitney
      • Schechtl
      • Spartanics
      • Steelweld
      • Summit
      • Tennsmith
      • Welty Way
      • Wysong & Miles

Knives for cutting metal

We serve metal processors by providing high quality shear knives and technical grinding. With over 40 years of experience, all our shears are made to exacting tolerances to insure the longest production runs before flipping or changing shears.

Right here in Akron, Ohio – We manufacture and supply metal cutting shear blades for some of the most popular equipment like Cincinnati, Acuurpress, Herr-voss, Lodge & Shipley, National sheet, Niagara, Roper whitney, Tennsmith, Wysong & Miles and much more.

All our blades match or exceed OE specifications and are thru-hardened for the longest lasting cutting performance.

We supply and offer resharpening on 2 sided and 4 sided shears. Custom blades are never a problem. Contact us today or a quote on new shear knives or regrind your existing blades.

Material Grades


This tool steel provides extreme toughness and shock resistance. Designed to be used with heavier gauge material, mild steel 3/8th or thicker.


This tool steel has a high carbon & high chrome for excellent wear resistance on lighter gauge material under 3/8th thick on hydraulic shears. The max capacity for mechanical controlled shears is 1/4 thick mild steel for this tool steel.