We supply sheeter knives for most equipment

  • Clark-Aiken
  • Will
  • Jagenberg
  • Lamb-grays
  • Voith


Sheeter Knives & Blades 

We are a leading supplier to the pulp and paper industry. Our high-performance sheeter knives are designed to last, from the basic to the most complex. All of our blades are produced to spec, precision ground, and ready for your application. All supported by the industry’s best technical expertise and service.

Knives are available for most machines including Clark-Aiken, Will, Jagenberg, Lamb-Grays and Voith

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered from high quality tool steels
  • Precision ground, gives a precise fit & accurate cutting
  • Through hardened for strength & durability
  • Superior edge finish for reduced downtime

Pulp & Paper Industry Knives

In addition to sheeter knives, we also supply the paper industry with top slitters & bottom slitters.

Our precision-manufactured blades are offered for most equipment including Appleton, Arrow, Beck, Beloit, Datm, Didde, Dusenbery, Jagenberg, Lenox, Tideland, and more. Custom blades can be made to enhance perform or for specific applications.
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